Max Maddox

video producer & editor


1982 PORSCHE 911 SC: A Smooth Martini • A RoadHeads Production.

I HATE WALKING IN VIDEO GAMES • A rant by Maddox. Produced & edited by me.

1963 FERRARI HOT ROD • The first installment to RoadHeads.

TAXI 2.0 • A short documentary on the heated rideshare war happening in San Francisco.
  Produced by me • Shot by Asger Ladefoged • Edited by Jarod Taber
  As featured on VICE, Gawker, SFist, and Laughing Squid.

ODE TO THE GREATEST STREET EVER • A musical tribute to San Francisco's Ocean Avenue.

SUNDAY SMOKERS • A group of moped aficionados rips through the quiet hills of California.